WI: State Video

Hey, remember when we pledged to make a video for every state? Well, here’s the first one! We’d originally intended to make all of these videos while on the road, but the reality of traveling so quickly has caused us to re-think that strategy. We’ll still be making all of these, but they won’t all come out in 2016. We’ll release them every few weeks as timing allows us to edit on the road!

This video documents the start of our trip and our first week on the road in the lovely state of Wisconsin. We hope you love it as much as we do.

One thought on “WI: State Video

  • Looooved the Wisconsin video…..I just retired from Lunds & Bylerys this past Saturday….enjoying your adventutes and I’m taking lots of notes…I’m looking forward to my own journey down the “Wee Mad Road”…lol….love u guys….be safe

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